DCP Question - NO, not ETA! Ha...

  1. DCP Question - NO, not ETA! Ha...

    Just trying toi brainstorm how dcp does its magic... Yes I know, releases fat, keeps it from re-sepositing and fuels thermogenisis buuuut the real question is what makes it so good for over eating.

    what I mean is, for fat loss on a good diet the benefits of why it works are clear because in a colorie deficient environment your body canb burn off the FFA's it releases but on a high calorie diet how does this work if you bosy already has abundant calories to burn?

    Does it keep your body from storing fat long enough to **** it out? Like stops it from being stored when it is in your system and eventually it gets passed almost like a more healthy and less painful xenical (veeeeeery loose comparison, I know the very different actions but just trying to further explain my current understanding)

  2. Well, taking it from a nutrient partitioning standpoint, there is some evidence that supplementation with TTA also supports lean muscle gains.. and the SM is used to help prevent the storage of fat. Basically this means that supplementing with DCP will exert a positive nutritient partioning effect, i.e. create a tendency for the excess calories to translate into lean gains as opposed to fat gains.

    Obviously, it is no substitute for eating like garbage every meal of everyday, and varies according to each individual and their activity levels, but should you cheat, it serves to minimise the damage, and does a damn good job.

  3. Sounds good. Too bad SM is hell to work with or adding a bit extra when you really izza: would be a good idea...

    I am hold off my order till some comes in and just want to do some research on why it is so good.

  4. Good deal, let me know how it works out for you

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