need help on a bulking stack. check it out please

  1. need help on a bulking stack. check it out please

    Hey guys need to order a new bulking stack for monday. i got a couple of choices here.

    Size on and white flood

    Millennium sports- Ragnorak and Millennium Sports Carnage

    bulk creatine mono/mass fx/xfactor

    im 19, around 6' 150lbs. looking for a good bulk stack any of these good? ill take any feedback or suggestions thanks.

  2. My vote goes to Mono/Mass FX/X-factor. Especially for bulking...Mono is at that. Mass FX/X-Factor would be a perfect addition to this.

    Reguardless of what you choose, Diet is 90% of Bulking, caloric surplus full of protein/complex carbs/healthy fats WILL bulk you up. Train hard, eat harder, sleep hardest....and WELCOME to AM.

  3. so 2 bottles of x factor and one bottle of Green Bulge.
    hows that sound for a stack?

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