Night Time Appetite Suppressant

  1. Night Time Appetite Suppressant

    I can eat clean as clean can be all day. At night when I'm sitting around, I often find it hard to not eat everything in sight. Are there any supps out there that can really help with this problem without keeping me up all night?

    Venom Lean Dreams? Venom Lean Dreams (60 tabs) By ALRI

    Zappetite? Zappetite (120 Cap) By ThermoLife

    Plain old Hoodia?

    Ideas/Feedback please!

  2. 5-htp gets great reviews (and helps many sleep)

    Also psylium husk can fill your stomach well

    Finally, make some healthy "cheat" food to fill you up, some of my favs are a bit on natty PB in cott cheese W. cinnamon bun protein for flavor OR FF plain yogurt flavored with slenda, pinapple and pinapple protein (I take yellow gold with that one) ect ect ect

  3. Have used both hoodia and psylium husk and for the money, psylium husk does an excellent job.

  4. I usually pop 3 Lipotrophin PM, 2 IGF-2, some Beverly Ultra 40's, and Beverly Lean Out late in the evening. The combo does the job..... but I suppose the glass of water and handful of pills may be filling me up as well. lol

  5. I've never had a problem with this issue since including lettuce and spinach in my final meal.

    I am taking lipo-pm, but too early to tell if it is controlling cravings. Sleep is great though



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