Stupid UCP-1/uncoupler question

  1. Stupid UCP-1/uncoupler question

    I have a question that might be stupid, it is about the use of an uncoupler and creatine at the same time. Would the use of creatine make an uncoupler less effective since it's adding more ATP to the body instead of the body using fatty acids to make ATP? Just curious.
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  2. Why would you want to take an uncoupler for the reason of losing poundage yet want to retain the water that is typical of creatine? It is counter-productive...the effects are antagonistic.

    We do not recommend supplementing with anything other than anti-oxidants while on UCP-1...


  3. not even anabolic fitness's thermorexin? (
    or even tight! 2 or 3 times daily?

    can i ask why not(if that is the case) please?

  4. If one were to decide to add other supplements make sure the effects are synergistic. For instance, don't take something like creatine as it will make you retain water. It is counter-productive to try and lose weight while taking a product that makes you retain water. ECA's, on the other hand, may help with lethargy and receptor stimulation. See what I mean?


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