Ultimate topical fatloss mix!

  1. Talking Ultimate topical fatloss mix!

    so ive been thinking, what would be a great synergestic mix to attack the midsection?

    using t-heat or lipo gel, (cant remember the max molecular weight for substances that these gels can absorb and carry through the skin)

    anyways, heres a list of substances, theorised effect and molecular weight.
    what do you guys think would be a good mix? and doses?\

    1) 7-OXO-DHEA, reduces cortisol, MW:302.41
    2) Usnic Acid, obviously!, MW:344.3
    Or : Sodium usinate : could not find any data on this!!?
    3) Alpha lipoic acid, anti oxidant, 206.33 (not sure if same MW applies to r-ala)
    4) Yohimbine HCL, releases fatty acids, MW:390.9
    5) Caffeine, combat water retention-slight thermo, MW: 194.19
    6) carnitine, assit the uncoupler-helps transport fatty acids, MW: 162.2
    7) Acetyl L-Carnitine, guessing the same???, MW: 190.2
    8) Calcium Pyruvate, assists the uncoupler, MW: 148.13

    following are listed because they are supposedly orally active, not sure how they would react topically. just added them for completion sake's:

    9) forskolin, ??? ,MW: 410 guessign the one in tight is purer and lower MW
    10) synephrine, ??? topicaly, MW: 176.2

    so any thoughts?

  2. UA isnt reliable topically, as I understand it....

  3. i added some unfiltered SU to a half empty bottle of lipo and tried it. i actually could feel it working. skin was radiating a lot more heat.

    o i assumed UA is the same. its weird that i couldnt find any data on the net on SU but tons on US...

  4. wow.
    has nobody added anything to yohimburn, t heat of lipoderm before and can comment?

    i personally think these would be a great addition to the yhcl gel.

    ergopharm are coming out with a topical 6-oxo so at least that is viable.

    i personally tried lipoderm with caffeine and SU and some 6-oxo-dhea. worked noticably better

    at the very least filtering some tight! caps would be a cool effect along with UA/SU

    by the way there is already a topical spot reduction gel with ychl, UA and other stuff in it available.

    ill post the link if there is interest enough, as i dont wanna seem like an ad...

  5. I'm sure there is interest. Right here

  6. http://www.n101.com/Static/Products/...112451634.html

    here is the cheapest place i found it it. also has a link to its manufacturing company(interesting line of products)

    i ordered one out of shear curiousity. well see how it goes
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