supplement dosage and times

  1. supplement dosage and times

    I just bought some BCAA's and wasnt really sure of when and how much I should be taking. I weigh 165 pounds and have read online that I should be supplementing 25-30 grams of BCAA's throughout the day. I was thinking something like 5g when I wake up, 5 grams pre-workout with my whey and 5 grams of glutamine, 5 grams during workout, 5 grams post workout with whey, creatine and glutamine, and 5 grams before bed with glutamine. Anything I should be doing different?

  2. Timing looks good, however, I would bump up the dosage to 10g and take it with Poseidon. This stack is a staple for me.

  3. One suggestion on timing. I've had an experience with trouble sleeping when I took some BCAAs during the night. Even though it was only one instance, and I didn't experiment again, it's my hypothesis, with support from studies, that the BCAAs (leucine) were the cause.

    I don't think it's a necessity at night as long as you get some good time-release protein in. You can try them at night, but if you have new issues with getting to sleep, you know what might be the problem.

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