Stacking Question

  1. Stacking Question

    I was thinking about stackin RPM and UspLabs Pump + Scivation VasoXplode does this sound ok and should i stack anything else with it

  2. Just be careful with the dosing, because both the RPM and the VasoXplode contain caffeine.

  3. i agree with rpen22 just watch out with too much caffeine and start out gradually with the rpm to let your body get used to it then increase the dosage

    also might help if you would tell us what you are trying to accomplish or what your goals are for this stack

    there are alot of people around here with alot of answers i am sure they will be able to help you out

  4. Im 5 8 around 190 around12% bodyfat tryin to add 10lb or so of lean muscle

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Pugonater View Post
    Im 5 8 around 190 around12% bodyfat tryin to add 10lb or so of lean muscle
    10 pounds of lean muscle is just going to take a great diet and consistency, however, I think you'll be very happy with these supplements. I'm a very big fan of RPM, myself!

  6. ya i have no doubt it will take some time i just droped 20-25lb of fat so im startin to try to bulk back up without addin alot of fat

  7. Congrats on the progress thus far!!

  8. Ya i was happy so far i havent lost to much strengh form dropin the extra lbs so now its time to break some old records just need some new supplements to give me a boost

  9. RPM is great for PRs, IME!

  10. I think you've got a solid combo there. I'd advise to start with a set dosing on AP.... a week or 2 later introduce the RPM, and then evaluate. If you need more "boost", add in the VasoExplode a little at a time. The combo should be potent, but you'll want to separate them out a bit so you know which product is doing what for you. It makes for good cost savings down the road......


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