What would be good to take along with the NHA stack and Xceed?

  1. What would be good to take along with the NHA stack and Xceed?

    I just started working out again after being injured (been almost a year) and trying to see if theres any other supplements that would be good to take along with Activate+Rebound Reloaded, ON whey protein and Xceed creatine? I have never tried any NO supplements and wondering if it will give me even more gains or is it not really worth it? If so what would be the best NO to take, I read Shock Therapy is good. Or maybe theres something else some of you have taken with these that you can recommend?


  2. if you dont mind me asking what kind of injury did u had. that could also help to recommend supps, like id it was something tendon,ligament or joint related adding a cissus product would help. and keeping anti-e supps like rebound reloaded at a low dose to avoid pain on joints related to gettin estrogen to low

  3. I pulled or torn something on my right upper middle area of my back. It still kinda hurts at time but figure I will just deal with it. It has drove me crazy not being able to work out or lift anything heavy fot almost a year. So I am starting out slow with lots of reps and not too heavy of weight. I tried cissus before and got a weird tingling feeling around my knees so after almost a month of cissus I stopped taking it.

    I am going to take 1-2 pills of rebound reloaded or maybe stop using it. I feel pretty tired most of the time and libido is down some. How would something like Ecdysten go with Activate?

  4. if your looking for a good ecdy supp check out pro-anabol. i havent tried it yet but it looks promising.

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