Alergies on Cortisol Blocker = adrenal fatigue

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    Alergies on Cortisol Blocker = adrenal fatigue

    Hey guys,

    I have been doing some research, and came to the conclusion that if you get bad allergies while taking a cortisol blocker, that you have adrenal fatigue. Does this make sense to anyne else?

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    Can't say I follow how you came to the conclusion of adrenal fatigue. What is the logic you follow?

    I see how an anti-cortisol product can relate to allergies though (thanks wikipedia).

    So cortisol is produced by the adrenal cortex. It's also used to treat allergies (although I don't know exactly why, other than it may reduce inflammation at reaction sites).

    Taking a cortisol blocker might have the opposite effect and heighten sensitivity to allergic reactions, but how does that mean you have adrenal fatigue? A cortisol blocker and adrenal fatigue both could effect allergies, but possibly just the anti-cort alone could cause problems even with a healthy adrenal system.

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