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    Anyone use gaba does it boost natural or sythentic hgh levels

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    Anyone use gaba does it boost natural or sythentic hgh levels
    GABA is said to boost Natural GH during sleep. It basically does this by allowing the body to relax better and enable deeper sleep which is when the body produces it's own natural GH for recovery from the days events.

    I have used GABA a lot and have had some great deep sleep from it... As for release of extra GH i don't know for sure but it has helped me recover better from daily workouts.

    I take 3-5g around 15 mins before i go to bed to get a good nights sleep. Some people get tingles and shortness of breath from using it. This is harmless and subsides after around 5-10 mins. But if you dont like the feeling then just drop the dosage to suit.
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  3. I get tingles in my extremities and it makes my chest muscles feel very relaxed to the point of thinking you might be short of breath. Almost feels like a drunken feeling where your chest gets heavy. Like said above it goes away in about 20 minutes. I get some deep sleep and some crazy dreams.

  4. How old are you again keater? Aren't you 16?

  5. Do the effects diminish after time? I used it for a while, and had the tingle feeling, flushed, and very intense dreams. These effects seemed to lessen over time. One other thing I noticed, or think I noticed, was that I was remembering details from past experiences that I normally would not. For example, names of people I had not seen in years, when I usually can't remember a name a few minutes after I meet someone. Any similar experiences?



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