Melamine found in Protein Powders from China

  1. Melamine found in Protein Powders from China

    May 2, 2007
    FDA Announces Detention of all Vegetable Protein Shipments from China for Animal or Human Food Use

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Import Alert (IA 99-29) requiring the detention without physical examination of all vegetable protein products from China for animal or human food use due to the presence of melamine and/or melamine analogs. The affected products and/or FDA product code descriptions include: wheat gluten, wheat flour gluten, rice gluten, rice protein, rice protein concentrate, corn gluten, corn gluten meal, corn by-products, soy protein, soy bean meal, powder protein isolate, or protein powder, soy gluten, proteins (including amino acids and protein hydrosylates), and mung bean protein. Milled rice products are also listed.
    According to the FDA, the samples of vegetable proteins that have tested positive for the presence of melamine and melamine analogs have, thus far, been traced to two Chinese firms, Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. Ltd. Although records relating to importation of these products indicate that these two firms had manufactured the ingredients in question, strong evidence indicates that they did not. Moreover, despite many weeks of investigation, FDA states that it is still unknown who the actual manufacturer or manufacturers of the contaminated products imported from China are.
    FDA further explains that in recent weeks there has been an outbreak of cat and dog deaths and illness associated with pet food manufactured with vegetable proteins contaminated with melamine and melamine related compounds, causing the recall of dog and cat food and other suspect products and ingredients. As of April 26, 2007, FDA had collected 750 samples of wheat gluten and products made with wheat gluten and, of those tested, 330 were positive for melamine and/or melamine related products. Of 85 samples of rice protein concentrate and products made with rice protein concentrate, 27 were positive for melamine and/or melamine related compounds.

  2. A lot of the major supp companies get their powders form China

    A lot of the major supp companies get their powders from China.

    You wonder why prices went up on protein powders?

    I will tell you why.

    Because they can't buy the cheap **** they usually get from China. The FDA won't let them.

    A lot of us may have been consuming small amounts of melamine over the past few years.

    Anyone having kidney problems?

  3. Spread the word on other message boards and repost this.

    Spread the word guys need to know.

    I have already called a few supp companies and surprise they don't return my call once i bring up asking them what country they get there protien powders from.
  4. Link to official FDA Ban

  5. old news i posted on this weeks ago , the big one for me is all the added Glutamine , derived from Wheat Gluten , the very stuff the they are adulterating.

  6. What should we do about this, though? If we don't know which end products are contaminated, there's no point throwing what we have away and buying new stuff because the new stuff could still be contaminated, goods can be months old when you buy them.

    Have any brands been confirmed as okay? I've been using ON 100% whey gold standard, they say on their website they do fairly extensive quality checks.

  7. Reading this after ordering about 20lbs of protein is getting me worried now lol. I can still pause the orders I guess, they haven't shipped.

  8. I seriously wonder if this is what got my friend sick. He recieved a tub of protein, not sure on what the brand was and started taking it earlier this week. 2 days ago we were all going to a baseball game and he starts projectile vomitting out of nowhere. If it was the winter time i would have blamed a stomach bug... but its early summer and that bug is rare to non exsistant this time of year. He also didnt get food poisoning because he only ate a bowl of cereal and had his protein shake. He said it lasted for about 2 days and he lost close to 9 pounds.

  9. It looks like everybody gets their ingredients from china.I have e-mailed 5 different company's over the past 3 days and did a post on another forum as responce from the company's as yet.I would be satisfied if a company said they got there stuff from china but could prove they test for melamine.It seems like this is a big deal if no company's will weigh in.

  10. Man, I was hoping this kind of thing would never come up again(after the trptophan debacle), and the suplement companies would see that they have to test everything they get in from china, but trying to be the Low Cost King is going to end up with a lot of people in the hospital and the fda in our business.

  11. I don't see whey or casein proteins specifically listed, or egg for that matter. It seems to be a plant protein contamination.

  12. I just got a response from Marc Dogget at Optimum Nutrition stating that "none of their raw materials are purchased from China."Which is great since i just ordered 10 lbs of rocky road and 10 lbs of chocolate


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