Question about UCP

  1. Wink Question about UCP

    Curious about adding UCP-1 to my weight loss, run 2ish weeks of it before i start back on a thermo. Atm i have 2 weeks left on my Thermorexin before i am out.

    Do you need to be off thermo's to take ucp?
    If so how long.

    Thnx for any help.

  2. No you can run both together if you wish...

  3. there shouldnt be any issues running both together(if you can manage the increase in heat)

    so how has the thermo worked for you? how long were u on it?

  4. Using 6 a day i can tell i take them.
    They for sure work better than the eca stacks i've tried. 9 rfa-1"s and the like, had almost zero effect on me. From other things i've taken seems i have a high resistance.

    Started at 268 lbs, almost full bottle later (1 1/2 week left) i'm at 249lbs atm. Hard to say how much from thermorexin vs from diet/cardio.

    At end it will have been 30 days.

  5. In case curious.
    It's been 30 days on thermorexin i went from 268 lbs to 249 lbs. For a loss of around 3.5% bf.

    Have 7% more to lose to reach goal of 10%
    Going just run/try UCP-1 and T-Heat this next month and see how it goes.

  6. nice!

    next week, will be my ultimate weight loss cycle.

    thermorexin, eca/tight before workouts, ucp-1 and spiked lipoderm(SU, caffeine and 7-oxo dhea and maybe some 6-oxo if i get it in time(powder from 1fast400))

    should be sweeet, if i dont die from the heat

  7. Anybody noticiing a rebound from UCP-1 at all? I want to try it but possible downregulation of T3->t4 conversion worries me since I gain weight VERY easily.

  8. No, I have not noticed a rebound. But you may notice "stablization." While on UCP-1, I hit a low of 168 pounds (from 174) and am now at 172, about one week out. But this 172 is very "tight." According to my calipers, I'm down to 7.8 percent BF, down about 3 percent (!!). Of course, these measurements are fallable. But the "feel" of my musculature through my skin is proof enough for me. It really does feel "tight."

    (Man, I don't really like that word....)

    Since quitting my cycle, I have been on only multivitamin, milk thistle, an antioxidant formula from Now Foods, 4x R-ALA, and one Thermorexin per day (prior to cardio). Again, no weight gain. And believe me, I gain weight wicked easy.

    For me, UCP-1 proved to be a good "supplement." There were no sides for me whatsoever. (In my notes, I say that I had some lethargy, but this was because I was coming off ECY stack.)

    If you do choose to use it, I would recommend:

    1. Start slow. Watch for side effects. Gradually increase dose to recommended levels after about 3 days. (This is what I did. I just didn't want to be rash.)

    2. Use antioxidants like Milk Thistle (I used Silymarin from Now Foods) and R-ALA. Can't emphasize that enough.

    3. Use moderate doses of an E/C or other thermogenic stack.

    4. Maintain a high protein diet, supplemented with some fruit.

    5. Drink lots of water, up to double the amount you normally do.

    6. Avoid alcohol or anything hepatotoxic.

    7. Try to keep up your normal routine, and always do your cardio.

    I'm sure there's other stuff that I missed. But I hope that helps you. Of course, if I've made an error, someone please correct me.


  9. don't avoid alcohol....cut it out completely......

  10. Yeah, that stuff can make you all confused, fat, and all...

  11. but i like my vodka-redbull-r ala-ALC mixers


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