JW and BAM or hyperdrol and Mass fx which is best?

  1. JW and BAM or hyperdrol and Mass fx which is best?

    I am coming off cycle in 2 weeks and want to try one of these stacks for retaining muscle i gained and possibly gain more. Even some bodyfat loss would be great. I will be using nolva and Clomid and letro also possibly clen.
    Current Stats are:
    HT: 5'6"
    BF: 14%
    Also thinking of purchasing some yellow gold,Turkesterone. retain, CAmphibolic, Powerful, DCP.
    Anythoughts are appreciated.

  2. I asked this same question, and received a "Massfx / HX2" response from two people . I would think about throwing some sesathin in there, that would help your bf loss.

  3. I have used both stacks and will send you the comparison once the search on some other forum board is working properly.

    however, the short version is, between trying them and reading reviews, is that much like other supps, the slight derivation in extraction processes causes them to respond differently to each user. While the ALRI stack is cheaper, which is nice, I had more of an aggressive (alpha male) feeling from the AX stack. Strength was very good on both and mass gain was slightly greater on AX.

    I will dig up the rest for you later.
  4. Thanks

    Thanks for the responses guys I appreciate it. Let me know what you find

  5. Additional comments:

    Quote Originally Posted by RB12
    they are pretty similar; so if cost is an issue, go with the alri stack. the AX stack gave me a more aggressive feeling (what they call the alpha male feeling). Not really mood swings, but I found myself feeling a lot more like i wanted to own someone. I think the AX stack gives slightly better recomp ability, though.

    that said, either way, the strength gains are really fantastic



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