Any one ever used Red Test???

  1. Any one ever used Red Test???

    just curious about what kind of stacks, if any, you all have done with Red Test and what kind of results you've heard about it or seen from it.

  2. The only red test I have ever had was when I grazed the left one with a football, while playing center. Hurt like a son of a *&^%$!

    Seriously, who makes this product?

  3. the company is, Muscleology.

  4. Might wanna drop the link. Muscleology is not a sponsor here Or talk to Bobo about Sponsoring!

  5. oh, my bad...

  6. I know the company. Very nice product. My friends dad acutally is vp of the company. Its a Good test booster. Ive tryed it and liked it. You could stack it with some cratine and N.O if you want, I would keep it simple tho.

  7. huh................

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post


  9. Oh nothing... just thinking out loud I suppose!

  10. do you think adding a estrogen blocker with it would help to boost the results or would it be better to use it after i come off it???

  11. It is not a pro-steroid or pro hormone a estrogen blocker isnt necessary.

  12. How lean are you do you want to bulk or cut?

  13. im trying to gain some size. im 185, 6'1", 8.5% body fat, and have tried alot of supplements out there and really dont get anyhting out of them. my diet is good and my cal and protien intakes are pretty high. I work at a gym so working out alot isnt a problem.

  14. This is what i would get.
    Gaspari size on
    Purple wrath
    Red test

  15. huh.........

  16. huh........huh.........

  17. never heard of Red Test, but I had some red testes after banging teh lil lady on her rag...

  18. huh??????????????

  19. damm you guys are mature!!

    p.s Huh.......

  20. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    never heard of Red Test, but I had some red testes after banging teh lil lady on her rag...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by swole210 View Post
    ah what my post was lacking, was teh visuals...



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