Too much zinc?

  1. Too much zinc?

    According to this article, I'm taking way too much zinc. My tablets are 50mg plus I take a multi that has another 22.5 mg. And I take liver tabs. Could this be why I sleep so much?;products_****

  2. No reason to add in a seperate Zinc supp. Just take your Multi and ride....

  3. The zinc makes me sleep like a rock. Problem is, I sleep too much, usually 12 hours or more (I'm on leave). I guess I'll ditch the zinc then...

  4. I've read a book called Prescription for Natural Healing where they recommend 100 mg. Zinc from supplements max daily, but they didn't take bodybuilders into account

  5. multi's plenty for regulating natural levels, unless you are looking for a natural sleep aid... I don't add the liver tab nutrients into my daily totals for anything, really, so no prob there... might be overkill but is cheap overkill, and they are primarily b complex, amino mega fart pills anyway.

  6. toxicity level is 2000 mg , i am using 100 mg per day of zinc gluconate before bed . with the listed benefits of zinc , and the cheap price , why the **** not , use it well .

  7. Just because 100mg is not toxic, doesn't mean it can't cause problems (mineral imbalances). I would strongly suggest researching proper copper supplementation to avoid problems... Zinc has mild aromatase and 5-AR inhibitory properties as well (good for some, bad for others).

  8. can u elaborate on the imbalances u mentioned ? as well as the copper supplementation bro ? thanx .

  9. High amounts of zinc can cause a copper deficiency.


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