Recomp (with a bias to cutting)

  1. Recomp (with a bias to cutting)

    Just thought I would throw my latest supplement combination out there for you guys to judge/critique.

    I have recently come off a 4 week very large deficit cut (cf Velocity diet) and shed about 20 pounds, which I was very happy with.

    Now I am going to slow it down a little and hopefully regain my strength levels. Going to be carb cycling, with high carb on w/o days, moderate carbs on HIIT days no carbs on rest days (see the Avant series of carb cycling to read more)

    My supplements include

    Leviathan (was using hot-rox extreme so can tolerate the 9mg of yohimbe quite well) Looks to be a solid formula, although I am less than convinced tribulus/fenugreek/vitex test boosting ability (especially at my age)
    DCP loved Burn3D and Hot-rox also had the rasberry ketones, solid formula
    Dicana (double dosed, used low dose T3 in the past), unsure about this but have 5 bottles I picked up dirty cheap
    Massfx Never tried any of these new fangled natural hormonals, more out of interest than anything else, should it be taken with food?
    Beta Alanine curious after reading many studies on this
    BCAA - Extend/Bulk leucine/Biotest tabs, efficacy has been prooven time and time again
    Na-rala Taken on high carb day
    Matrix Cookies and Cream Caesen blend, and it tastes amazing

    And in addition a few wellness things (fiber, greens+, multi, Fish oils, Milled flax) and various nootropics (studying for a pharmacology degree).

    It is more than likely over the top admittedly and I will have no clue what is getting/hindering results, but I have accepted these limitations for a stack that I feel targets fat through several mechanisms (except for cortisol which I may target later..11-oxo?)

    I will not be logging but I may well provide a final review, i know when I look at a log, more often than not I am endlessly scrolling to find the final review.

    Honorable mention to Nutraplanet for supplying many of the above across the Atlantic to us Brits.

    Feel free to ask any questions/make suggestions

  2. --- final review coming here soon -----

  3. Great! Looking forward to your review!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Great! Looking forward to your review!!

  5. cant wait



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