In case you did not hear the news

  1. In case you did not hear the news

    May 10, 2007

    Only 1 US Senator Stood Up

    for You Yesterday

    Let's Make Sure Our Representatives
    Do a Whole Lot Better!

    Bernard Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, is the only member of the US Senate who has the decency to stand up for your health against the financial and political power of the Pharmaceutical industry. His was the only negative vote when Senator Edward Kennedy's deadly, corrupt, and financially incestuous bill, S.1082, came to a vote yesterday on the floor of the Senate. Every other voting member of the Senate, whether the "New Broom" Democrats or the "Hold the line" Republicans surrendered your health, your money and what ever shreds of their honor they were still clinging to, when they voted to adopt S. 1082, the FDA Revitalization Act of 2007.

    For Shame!

    For shame that for the campaign donations and the political favor virtually the entire US Senate sold you and your families down the health river. For shame that they voted for a bill that eliminates the concept of "conflict of interest" and allows FDA regulators to virtually totally dependent on huge "User Fees" from the very companies they are seeking to regulate. For shame that the US Senate passed a bill that extends the already corrupt power of an organization which oversees the use of drugs which are now known to be the single largest killer of the citizens of the United States and every other industrialized nation WHEN USED PROPERLY.

    For shame that they took no steps to protect food and dietary supplements, the single greatest economic competitor to pharmaceutical profits from a marauding FDA which already seeks to put the competition, natural medicine, out of business. For shame that this Senate could not protect the American people from the same FDA which has issued their FDA Guidance on the Regulation of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) which Representative Ron Paul, MD (R, TX) calls an abuse of the power of the FDA.

    Action Steps:

    This damaging and probably illegal alliance between the drug companies and the agency which is charged with regulating them now goes to the House of Representatives. It is your job and mine to provide a roar of outrage and a tidal wave of direction to the men and women whom we have elected to represent us and do it far, fat better than the members of the Senate have.

    Step 1:

    Click below to send your comments directly to your elected Representatives.

    Democracy In Action
    Democracy In Action

    Step 2:

    Send this action link to every one you know. Do it now so that they can take action and forward this to every one they know.

    My advice would be to simply forward this email with an introduction in your own words about why this is important to you so that any technical problems with the links will be avoided.

    Step 3:

    Because your recognize that this battle is far from over, get ready to saddle up the Freedom Mouse pretty often in the near future. For example, there is a secret legislation with secret sections being presented to the US Congress to give our government enhanced license to spy on US Citizens. Our health privacy is already deeply invaded and this bill will make it worse. In the next few days I will be sending you another email with another action item. Please remember that these assaults on our freedoms are orchestrated to wear you down. Since you are aware of the tactic, you won't sucumb to it!

    Step 4:

    Keep Health Freedom Free. Support the Natural Solutions Foundation with a recurring tax deductible donation (Donate to Support so the Natural Solutions Foundation can continue to be your voice of natural health and health freedom!

    Hundreds of thousands of us spoke up about the abusive FDA CAM Guidance. This time we need millions.

    We have the internet and, truly,

    "We are the ones we have been waiting for!"

    Take Action Now!*

    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima

    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director

    Natural Solutions Foundation
    Stop Codex: Protect Health Freedom ::

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    codex sounds like some hippy ****. and im pretty sure weed doesnt cure cancer.

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