Creatine Mono and bf% / vascularity

  1. Creatine Mono and bf% / vascularity

    I've been thinking of going back on creatine monohydrate but I was wondering what kind of effect it would have on my vascularity as well as body fat percentage. Right now I am at 7.5% and I don't want to lose too much definition or vascularity.

    I know I'm going to look a little bloated but what will that do for my bf% and vascularity?

  2. i think it depends on how your body responds to creatine.

    i wouldn't think creatine would have anything to do w/altering your body fat %.

    i'm one of those who doesn't seem to get so bloated on creatine mono. instead it fills my muscles and actually makes me look bigger and more defined.

    if you are worried about bloat, maybe consider CEE.

  3. I'm not interested in trying CEE, but thanks for the suggestion.

    I think I'm just going to go ahead and start taking it again and if I don't like the results just stop and shed the water weight.

    Can someone else chime in on this?

  4. Creatine should not cause any fat gain whats so ever. Its calorie free. In fact it may cause some fat loss due to increased intensity in the gym and the heavier weights. As far as the bloat goes, it may vary from person to person. Like the guy above said some experience fuller muscle bellies and come across even more defined. I'm about to jump back in Micronized mono myself, after having tried all of the hyped up new forms, I'm going to stick with the only creatine that has over a decade worth of research and proof of it working.

  5. Yeah I'm just apprehensive because I don't want to end up looking softer and having less vascularity.

    Oh well, I started taking it again today so we'll see what happens.

  6. If anyone else wants to put their 2 cents in go right ahead


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