SUKROL need help with spanish info

  1. SUKROL need help with spanish info

    Can someone that speaks spanish please check out this site and tell me what SURKOL is supposed to do. I can get it at a flea market for 2 bucks, but when I click on the english translation of the website, it still gives me the spanish version.

  2. Anyone else just get a bad feeling..................? lol

  3. The little overview, taken and run through an online translator, says:

    Cerebral and nervous tonic of origin
    German formulated with an amino acid associated with vitamins and minerals.

  4. Other bits and pieces I can discern: Reinforced with arginine.....

  5. How works SUKROL?

    We know that our brain is born with a certain one I number of neurons. These neurons never reproduce only die. For that reason it is so important that our very well nourished brain this.

    It fights stress
    It improves the concentration
    Vitamins for its brain and nerves

    What can affect the yield of my brain?

    In this it was modern flood of incessant work, we required of greater concentration and we demanded to our brain a high performance to him. But the effects of stress, the contamination, and bad nutritional habits can be factors that affect the suitable operation of our neurons.

    _ and if our neuron not be or nourish, be but easy that forget thing, that not memorize easy, that not prune fight the stress and as a result of all this us maintain tense, not sleep or, feel sometimes as if to us hurt the brain and be but prone to suffer of disease cause by the effect of the tension.

    Each tablet contains:
    Glutámico acid
    Phosphate Monosódico (Phosphorus) Lecitina
    Thiamin (B1 Vitamin)
    .200.00 mgs
    .25.00 mgs
    .25.00 mgs
    .10.00 mgs

  7. Effectively it has been used like: Regulator of the operation of the cerebral cells, accelerating the learning capacity clarify the thought and fortifying the memory

  8. Sorry so segmented. All in all, it looks to be a supplement that should cost around...... $2.

  9. I guess there's a few different versions... Sukrol, Sukrol Vigor, Sukrol Vigor for women.... etc.
    Parts of the above may be concerning the Vigor version. It has a few more ingredients, but nothing spectacular. So all in all, I've wasted your time if you've read through all this probably. lol

  10. I appreciate the time you put into that. Reps given.

  11. When I went there, there was a english/spanish link
    www. sukrol. com /english/ cindex.htm

    if you cut + paste take out the spaces take out the spaces ,
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