V-12 is Creatine???

  1. V-12 is Creatine???

    This could possibly be a dumb question... but V-12 IS Creatine... right?! I was looking at the contents of it and I see Tricreatine Malate listed... so I am assuming that I do NOT take like a creatine monohydrate along with v-12... right?

    Sorry if this is pure ignorance... but I figure it's better to ask than to be sorry :-)


  2. Originally posted by BigHeadJeff
    I see Tricreatine Malate listed
    Tricreatine Malate is a more water-soluble form of creatine than creatine monohydrate. So yes, it still is creatine, so if you're taking it your V-12 twice a day, no need to add any Creatine Monohydrate.

  3. Thanks! I 'thought' that was the case... just wanted to make sure...

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