Who's using Incarnate?

  1. Who's using Incarnate?

    I'm looking for feedback on PAL Incarnate. Heard a lot of good stuff elsewhere, but would like to see what the brilliant AM minds think of this one.

    The floor is open:


    I am using it! right now its been just over 2 weeks working great! Endurance is awesome in the gym i feel like i can workout longer and recovery time seems to be better but hard to tell right now. I look fuller also but that cannt be attributed to just the Incarnate! All in all so far i like it! Good solid line they have leviathan is good too!

  3. Hey Bro
    Im on week 3 of Incarnate and my endurace is way up. Pushing out a few more reps on everything, notice most in squats. I usually have a nagging shoulder, which has all but disapeared...adding extra cissus also, just because my shoulders a mess...

  4. 4 weeks now...sick endurance!!...with leviathen im gettin mad lean too!

  5. I am running out of my BA and Cissus, so I am thinking of trying out Incarnate...

  6. sweet..you wont be disapointed!


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