1. Ucp-1

    I gave a bottle of UCP-1 to my best buddy.

    He's in excellent shape but was trying to get his six pack to come in. Already has a 4 pack but lacks the two on the bottom.

    He called last week, waking me up..........all confused and worried. He had broke out in a rash ALL OVER.

    We walked through the usual things that would cause a reaction...what he was taking........who he last slept with , etc. Nothing fit. I told him to take some benadryl and let me go back to sleep.

    He called back that night.........itching...and the redness had increased. He said it started after he went to tan the day before. I told him he probably caught a yeast infection from the tanning bed and I'd give him something for it the next day when I see him.

    THEN he woke me up in the middle of the damn night.........screaming he had MONKEY POX and was headed to the E.R. He couldn't stand the rash.....LOL

    That's when it hit me...........LOL I forgot to tell him about the rash...... ROFLMAO

    He was sooooooooo damn mad, cussing me every breath......said I was trying to kill him ..........ROFLMAO. I told him to read the side of the bottle.....and it was there .."RASH".

    He lost 6 pounds in almost 2 weeks...........but now won't start back on cause of the rash.

    I just forgot to tell him.......lol

  2. Rhap...that is slightly on the sadistic side


  3. You should see what he has done to me in the past !!!!!!! He was born in Kentucky, ya know......

    I owed him and it was payback time........even if it was unintentional.

    Mess with the bull, your gonna get the horns!!

    But he said the UCP-1s worked great ......he's 35 and started bodybuilding in his early 20's. He's jacked and has taken everything under the sun.........so for him to say they worked was a big compliment.

    The rash just scared him

  4. kentucky? people actually live there? i thought it was just sheep

    i'm on day 5 of ucp-1...no sides

  5. Come on you two...living in Kentucky just means you live on the high ground and can shoot the people as they come up the mountain driveway

    Don't knock the hills and hollers until you visit...just bring your all wheel drive vehicle to get up the driveway. Oh yeah, and don't feed the cows on the way up


  6. the entire population of kentucky is one family.....isn't it legal to sleep with your siblings???


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