New Study: Creatine Cycling Not Neccessary

  1. New Study: Creatine Cycling Not Neccessary

    I just came across this interesting study that I thought you guys might like to read.

    For those of you not interested in the science the bottom line is that these researchers found that taking creatine daily for 4 months caused NO DECREASE in creatine transporter proteins. People had become very curious as to this, thus all the talk about cycling creatine.

    This study is by no means definitive, as more work needs to be done in this field, and we need studies on how this plays out for longer periods of time, like a daily creatine regimen for a year or longer.

    Title: Acute and moderate-term creatine monohydrate supplementation does not affect creatine transporter mRNA or protein content in either young or elderly humans.

    Researchers: Tarnopolsky M, Parise G, Fu MH, Brose A, Parshad A, Speer O, Wallimann T.

    Institution: Department of Medicine (Neurology and Rehabilitation), McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

    Source: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2003 Feb;244(1-2):159-66

    Summary: Animal studies have shown that supra-physiological creatine monohydrate supplementation for 3 months reduced skeletal muscle creatine transporter (CRT) content. The doses of Creatine (1-2 g/kg/day) used in these studies were between 5 and 10 times those usually used in human studies, and it is unclear whether a down-regulation of CRT would occur in humans at the recommended doses of 0.1-0.2 g/kg/day.

    Methods: CRT, and citrate synthase (CS) protein content were measured using

    Western blotting before and after 2 months of Creatine supplementation and weight training in young men using 0.125 g/kg/day. CRT and CS were also measured before and after 4 months of Creatine supplementation and weight training in elderly (> 65 years) men and women using 0.075 g/kg/day. Finally, CRT mRNA was measured using competitive RT-PCR before and after 8-9 days of Creatine loading in young men and women using 0.18 g/kg/day.

    Results: Total creatine content was significantly elevated after the Creatine supplementation period as compared to placebo in each of the studies. Neither Creatine supplementation, nor exercise training resulted in measurable alterations in CRT protein content and acute Creatine loading did not alter CRT mRNA. There were no gender differences in CRT mRNA or total creatine content in the young subjects and no gender differences in total creatine content or CRT protein content in the elderly subjects. Weight training in young men did not increase CS protein content, however, in the elderly there was a significant increase in CS protein content after exercise training.

    Conclusion: These results demonstrated that Creatine monohydrate supplementation during weight training resulted in increases in skeletal muscle total creatine without reductions in Creatine Transporter protein and acute Creatine loading did not decrease Creatine Transporter mRNA content.

  2. Nice read, brother...

  3. good read bro, though I wouldn't really call it a breakthrough concept, still good to have more studies done.

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