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  1. what do people think is the best pre-workout supp. for your dollar? getting the most, not spending too much, and a good product. i am considering 3 options right now, but am open to more. they are: nitrobolic extreme, nox cg3, and shock therapy.

    ive tried no-xplode (liked it), supercharge (sucked), and superpump 250 (effects eventually wore off big time). any input would help. also looking for a decent cell volumizer for somewhat cheap. any suggestions there would be appreciated too. thanks!!

  2. shock therapy is great man. cheap, it works great, and you get 50 or so uses a tub.

  3. Alot of stuff out there right now and have tried a number of them recently...Ragnarok ranks up there as top notch.

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    Can anyone offer me any suggestions? My favorites have been NO explode in the past and Gaspari Super Pump 250 recently. Has anyone had similar or better results with any other pre-workout supps?


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