I was going to run a cutting cycle.

I read a while ago but cannot find that taking 7-keto then stacking T3 after a while will result in very good amount of fat loss. Would people recommend this.

Runing through out possibly 7-keto and CLA?  Is this worth it any bad interactions?  Supplementing Creatine as well 10 Grams a day.

weeks 1-2

I am going to start with SU as I still have some left 2 weeks at 800mg a day broken into 400mg at 4 and 400mg at 11.  I will also be taking ECand green tea extract.   I am taking Milk Thistle. 

Weeks 3-4

EC and Green tea extract

Weeks 5-8

T1-pro and ECY to deal with the Lethargy.

Weeks 9-12

Clen and possibly T3.  6-oxo and clomid or nolva

Finished cutting cycle.

Just wondering about comments and suggestions

10 x my body weight in Calories.  Weights 3 times a week and Cardio low intensity for 45 Min in the morning.

On the 1 test I will increase weight frequency. 

I am not sure on the exact split about 40 pro 30 carbs and 30 Fat. 

Would people instead move to keto on this?

I am not so worried about losing muscle just getting rid of the fat I am currently 20%. 

Any comments/questions are appreciated.