sites for delicious bulk protein powders

  1. sites for delicious bulk protein powders

    where can i get a large amount of protein in bulk

  2. I dont think there is such a product as "Bulk Protein". I also know for a fact it would not be delicious... It would taste HORRIBLE.

    If u are looking for a good tasting protein check out BSN Syntha-6

  3. I think he means where can he buy bulk amounts of protein. Check the sponsors for good deals.

  4. yeah im sorry, my wording on the thread title was horrible but yes, i want like 10 lb tub or something for the summmer, some good quality and decent priced stuff


    They sell protein in bulk quantities.. 5 10 15 20 50 Lb

    Check em out

    Type in Matt05 and get 10% off (Matt is their Rep here)

  6. There's also True Protein | High Quality Nutrition and Protein Supplements that is popular as well. They also have bulk amino acids and other goodies too that you will be tempted to add to your order. There's lots of discount codes out there .

  7. yeah is the best for buying protein in large amounts. the more you buy, the better the deal is. for example if you buy 20lbs, price per pound is cheaper than if you buy 5 or 10lbs. what i do is buy the 20lb. and split it with my bro for the best price. plus, this way i pay only half the shipping because i split it with my bro.

  8. oh, forgot, it actually tastes good when you mix with milk but not bad with water either. chocolate optimum blend that is.

  9. appreciate the info guys, i will be ordering some soon enough

  10. - located in Oceanside, CA (That's near San Diego) There's a code you can use - massg - that will give you 5% off of your order. Dante is a good guy and emails are usually answered the same day, except weekends. The cool thing is that you can customize the mix ( for example - you can choose how much whey (isolate, concentrate, hydrolyzed), casein (calcium, micellular) egg, milk protein. Basically whatever you desire for a protein shake can be constructed. You can also add some supplements to your protein powder. I would limit these though as they could lead to a nasty tasting shake. If you want supplements, they offer bulk products that are up to 50% cheaper than already capped products. They even offer scales to accurately weigh your supps. I would choose a digital as it is both convenient, inexpensive, and accurate enough even when weighing out only 300 mg's of product or so. I would never buy a bulk thermogenic though, as you can run the risk of ingesting too much of the substance and receiving a quite unpleasant effect. Stick with companies own formulations for these. Just to be safe...


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