I plan on taking clear edge as a study aid for finals prep.
I will also stack it with ALCAR 2x a day.

I was considering the idea of a a nicotine patch or maybe some nicotine gum just for during long study sessions.

Roberts: Well, my theory on this is that the Japanese have added it to energy drinks for other reasons...

Look, it's like this, I don't smoke, but I couldn't care less if someone in a bar is smoking, alright? But now, you can't do that in New Jersey, where I'm from. So what's being done is that the bars are now carrying those "energy drinks." And a lot of major energy drink manufacturers are adding nicotine to their formulas and promoting them as mixers with Vodka or whatever.

But yeah, nicotine is a pretty potent cognitive enhancer. The Nicotinic systems in the hippocampus play important roles in memory function, and in fact, a reduced nicotinic receptor concentration is associated with severe cognitive impairment, like that seen with schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.

Nicotine and nicotinic agonists are strongly and positively correlated with improved memory function, and even have a strong anti-depressant effect.
Its highly addictive and also can increase cortisol when used long-term. However, some nicorette gum might be nice occasionally when studying. Any suggestions/thoughts? I have no tolerance for it. I would want a very low dose to avoid any kind of "buzzy" effect. A lot of my friends swear by a dip when studying.
(oh ya, btw **** dip)

No access to legit Ritalin/Addy at the moment. I could pop some ephedrine. I heard pseudoephedrine is a lot like Stratterra.