is jw and bam preventing muscle gains

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    is jw and bam preventing muscle gains

    ever since i started taking jw and bam i have been expierencing extreme muscle soreness. i thought this was a good thing. but look at this

    Several authors have suggested that estrogen may serve to protect skeletal muscle from exercise-induced damage. The present study examined the effects of regularly ingesting estrogen, in the form of oral contraceptives, on postexercise muscle damage following a bench-stepping regimen. Women currently ingesting oral contraceptives (OC) were compared with eumennorheic controls (CG). All subjects performed a 50-min stepping exercise during the midluteal phase of their menstrual cycle. Muscle damage was evaluated on 2, 3, and 5 days postexercise using several established indirect indicators: perceived soreness, strength and range of motion changes, girth measurements, and creatine kinase (CK) activity. Subjects on OC reported significantly lower quadriceps soreness (p < 0.05) relative to the CG (peak soreness = 4.0 and 7.8, respectively, on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is normal and 10 is very, very sore). These results indicate that oral contraceptive use attenuates soreness following an exhaustive stepping activity but cannot support a relationship between estrogen ingestion and other indices of exercise-induced muscle damage.

    could this mean the ai effects of jw are bad for muscle growth

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    heres another good link. Estrogen May Curb Women's Muscle Pain - New York Times

    could all these serms and ai be counter acting our goal

    edit: i am finding sources that contradict the earlier links. maybe the soreness is good. all i know is that the DOMS i experience on jw and bam are insane. ill let u know in 2 weeks if they are a good thing.

  3. Muscle soreness does not necessarily equate to muscle growth. As well, the amount of Estrogen in that study and how much JW and BAM would be inducing is not comparable. As well, Estrogen also helps regulate GLUT4, pretty key in glucose utilization in muscle cells. Estrogen at healthy levels = good for anabolism.

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