1. 6-oxo

    For taking 6-oxo post cycle I've heard start at 600mgs a day and taper down to 200mgs a day. I would be planning on taking it for 4 weeks.

    So considering it is 100mg a cap at 60 caps a bottle, would this be adequate for post cycle?

    600mg x 1 week = 42 caps

    500mg x 1 week = 35 caps

    400mg x 1 week = 28 caps

    200mg x 1 week = 14 caps

    Total 119 caps. 2 Bottles = 120 caps

    I've never used 6-oxo, but 2 bottles will only run about 65 total with shipping included, which isn't that bad. I want to run the 6-oxo only because it's comparable in price to liquid clomid/nolva, and it's in capsules. I know the liquid is horrible tasting and has issues with settling as well. Thanks for any help you can give me. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some help tonight as well.

  2. Very well planned out. Should get you nuts kickin' again.

    How long were you "on"?

  3. I should've clarified. I'm not "on" yet, I will be next week or the following. I just wanted feedback on if that would be adequate for post cycle or not. I'm planning it all out a head of time so I don't hit any bumps along the way that would put me in a jam.

  4. You got it down pretty good there, brother..

    All systems go, prepare for take off!

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