Ultra Peptide PRO V-2.0

  1. Thumbs up Ultra Peptide PRO V-2.0

    The first run of this highly anticipated new formula is now available. We want your feedback good or bad as it was a small test run to garnish feedback and nothing is set in stone.


  2. Man that looks good but can't drink it due to the Glutamine Peptides. I am allergic to gluten. Good luck with it just keep the regular so I can keep on buying!

    Might look into updating the nutritional label as all the glutamine peptides I have seen have come from wheat gluten.

  3. Looks good. I might have to order some soon.

  4. If you do, please report back. We appreciate your support.

  5. will this be available from NutraPlanet? and will it be under XF ?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FitModel View Post
    will this be available from NutraPlanet? and will it be under XF ?
    After our initial run is sold out from blackstarlabs.com

  7. Looks good for the cost.

  8. Any chances of bulk

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DaveGabe24 View Post
    Any chances of bulk
    I'm doubtful, but we could always start a list of those interested.


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