I am looking to add maybe some "casual" supplements to what I now take. Here are my stats:

175 lbs
not sure on body fat %

I have been lifting for about 11 years. My frame is medium to large in that I can put on fatand or muscle easily and have a frame to support it skeletal wise.

I play softball in the summer and will be on 2 teams this year, Tuesday and Thursday. I also lift and do cardio every day except Sunday. During softball I will lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do cardio on Saturday.

I currently take GNC Mega man sport multivitamins(2 every morning) and Triflex sport(2 every morning). I also use Isopure protein mixed in milk after heavy workouts. I recently ordered and have started taking NeuroStim + C and ZMA since it was recommended by athletes.com for baseball workout schedules.

I am looking to add a BCAA mix(ICE maybe?) at the very least but wonder what else I could use to up my results.

Any suggestions?