Anyone stacked X-Factor with AP?

  1. Anyone stacked X-Factor with AP?

    Hey guys, I'm on my first bottle of anabolic pump right now and i'm absolutely loving it. i'm thinking of stacking it with x-factor a couple of months from now and was wondering if anyone else had tried this yet. i was hoping for some thoughts on it, as it's kind of an expensive stack for me. (couldnt find anything with my search). thanks!

  2. Try it out and give us a log.

  3. I was thinking about that once in my work out perioud to try that out.

  4. Yep, doing it right now, but I've only been on XF for about 2 weeks or less(haven't really paid attention to when I started) so there's little results from XF already.

    I was already on AP and I like it.

  5. awesome. it seems like this would be the ultimate stack for me, as long as there are no problems taking the two together. keep us updated on how it goes for you, man!



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