Cell mass and no xplode with BAM/JW Stack??

  1. Cell mass and no xplode with BAM/JW Stack??

    Would it be safe to take the no xplode and cell mass with the jw/bam stack? I am one week into just JW and I am adding BAM next week. Stick with the Cell mass and X plod?

  2. You can yes - explode pre/cell post.

  3. Awesome man thanks.

  4. why not give something else a shot outside of cell mass? myogenix after shock or gaspari size on are two rather awesome options to go. or a cheeper just as efficient route would be getting bulk creatine ethyl esther

  5. Gaspari Size on #1 Doctor reccomended

  6. I agree with BigSchmidt. I've never really heard a complaint about NOxplode (except for the price that is), but I know people who have used cellmass that were disapointed. For the money and effectiveness I'd check out a couple of the board sponsors. My favorite creatine is Green Bulge by Controlled Labs.

  7. yea cell mass ends with alot of people feeling dissapointed. and for the price that dissapointment always tends to hurt you wallet. green bulge is a good product. i like the aftershock by myogenix cuz it tastes good, has carbs, protein, creatine, joint support complex and antioxidants all in a post workout drink. it all and all covers your basis and it is loaded with BCAA's. back in the day i used to make a drink like this on my own so it is much more convienient this way IMO.

  8. I've heard really good things about both green buldge and aftershock im going to look into both a little more prolly go with aftershock beacause of the joint support and extra protein anyone have other reviews on aftershock or green buldge? And how it should be taken with the jw/bam?
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  9. take your jungle W/F and BAM normally and with aftershock simply take it right after your workout. if size is your goal eat 30 minutes after you drink the shake.

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    Awesome man thanks.
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