Hydrolyzed protein?

  1. Hydrolyzed protein?

    I have been doing some reading on hydrolyzed protein and I come across alot of people and companies recommending not to go over 20% hydrolyzed because it is so bitter? I recently got hydrolyzed protein and it is only 8% hydrolyzed and it tastes absolutely fine w/out any flavoring. Is there anything wrong with ordering hydrolyzed whey that is say 50% or even 100% hydrolyzed other than the fact that it is bitter in taste?

  2. No, but I'd be quite surprised if you could actually find 100% hydrolyzed. I believe it's extremely difficult to manufacture.

  3. try custom protein

    you can custom blend your own protein at either:

    Truprotein.com or

    This way you can order the exact blend you want of any type of protein you want in any % you want.

    Why be restricted to store shelf brands.

  4. This is exactly what I was going to do. I was just going to order off tp.com and get 100% hydrolyzed whey or close to it. I was just wondering if there was anything wrong w/ having that high percentage of hydrolyzed whey other than the bitter taste since it seems that the recommendation is to not go above 20%?

  5. I don't think there would be anything wrong going with 50% or 100% hydrolyzed as long as you can stomach it. I've never tried it by itself in those percentages, but bitterness (as you said) is the main drawback from everything that I have read.

    Beverly International Muscle Provider claims to be 30% hydrolyzed whey and the chocolate flavor tastes really good, although that company does really well with flavoring their protein. I also use their Mass Amino tablets which are made from a few different forms of hydolyzed protein. They have kind of a nasty aftertaste but work really well. I have been using them as my pre- and post-workout source of protein along with Xtend and Vitargo, and have noticed better recovery then anything else I have ever used (such as whey, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc.)

    The quick digestion of hydrolyzed is a gift or a curse depending on when it is going to be used, but it seems to be a very high quality product and when used around a workout is right up there with EAA. What are your plans for use?

  6. I was gonna have about 25g of hydrolyzed whey with about 10-15g of bcaa's and 70g of waxy maize (kwik carb) pwo. I figured the hydrolyzed whey would be much better to use with they waxy maize than regular whey.

  7. That is almost exactly what I do, although I split mine into two doses - 15g protein (12 Mass Amino tabs), 1 scoop Vitargo (36g), and 3 scoops Xtend (whatever that works out to be) right before WO and directly after WO. I like the combo a lot, but post your experience on the useability and results with the powder. 24 tablets sandwiched around 5 WO sessions a week gets old really fast.

  8. Whats going on BMW, outside of the taste there should be no problem at all taking 100% Hydro in a mix, we often have customers order straight HG, but it will definitely come with a large degree of bitterness. However, most customers are able to mask the taste using the Premium flavors we offer. I have taken the product and although it is one of our most bitter products, it goes down fairly easy if you get used to the taste. If taste is an issue I usually recommend mixing with an isolate to even it out a bit.

  9. It is quite bitter. If you're not a puss then it's not that bad. I'm not convinced that hydrolyzed has that many benefits over plain old whey isolate, however, so it may not be worth the extra cash.


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