How am I doing?

  1. How am I doing?

    Ok, after coming on here and asking advice about nutrition. I have made the following changes to my meals.
    Breakfast: Oatmeal or Cereal (whole grain)
    mid morning: protein bar, or shake
    Lunch: Tuna/chicken/turkey sandwich with wholewheat bread
    and some time of veggie. Usually carrots.
    Afternoon: This is usually rushed so a peanut butter sandwich and
    a glass of milk
    Typically I do my workout between now and dinner

    Dinner: Steak and veggies, or Tuna and Brown rice, chicken breast and so on

    Like I said in a previous post I am not really taking any supplements besides protein but this is what I was thinking of begging

    Green Bulge
    White Blood
    Red acid Gen II (just need a little more fat gone to have my six back)
    and possibly Blue up also.

    Also: Possibly taking more Vit C and Vit B12 (I actually know a little about this part, I am a pharmacy student. Please, don't think mega Dosing C will kill you it won't!!!!! Linus Pauling was probably right.)

    My question is how does my stack look? I realized i stayed within one company is this a good or bad idea? Should I change anything? BTW. I am loving this forum and thanks for all the help!

  2. your stack seems good to me. the only reason i would not stay with one company would be to save money. buying bulk powders is much cheaper than the stuff you want to use now.

    i would personally use these instead of green bulge/ white blood

    Arginine Ethyl Ester (100 grams) By NutraPlanet

    Creatine Monohydrate (1 kilo) By NutraPlanet

  3. you should probably add some more protein breakfast and afternoon. As it is now you are probably goinging about the first couple hours of your day without protein, you need protein especially after a state of fast. Maybe eat lik 8 eggs keeping only 2 of the yokes. Eggs are quick and easy to scramble up. If you got a busy schedule try going to the recipe section and reading up on some meals that have protein in them. Make them in bulk and store them, things like healthy chili, meatloaf , etc can be made in large batches and save in containers to be eaten through out the week for people on the go.

  4. thanks rugger.. I will do that!

  5. Two suggestions for ya:

    #1 have some whey PWO (digests faster than whole food and u need this pwo) and fast digesting carbs (rice cakes, white bread, etc.)

    #2 have a slow digesting protein right before bed (i like Probolic SR by MHP for this time), or some cottage cheese



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