Glutamine Peptides...

  1. Glutamine Peptides...

    Any recommend a brand of Glutamine Peptides?  I understand they are much better than L-Glutamine.

    I have seen 1000 grams for around $35, brands OSMO (never heard of them), AR Nutrition, & Next Generation Proteins

  2. Kilosports has bulk glutamine peptides for pretty cheap if you're looking to buy a larger amount.

  3. peptides are only 30% glutamine

  4. Originally posted by 1Fast400
    peptides are only 30% glutamine

    So which is better then?  If peptides are absorted much better then...

  5. yo bpdaddy, why are you looking for glutamine, are you using it for cutting? if so large amounts are needed 20+ grams to illicit a response. the studies performed on glutamine are usually poor or do not relate well to healthy, young, trained individuals. take a look at the subjects and other variables in the studies if you can. as for peptide bound glutamine, there is plenty in dairy based foods and other animal sources. as long as you are eating decent amounts of protein. glutamine supplementation is costly and of little benefit other than large doses when cutting (though i question this too, if taken for a while, the imbalance of amino acids can lead to serious problems, and the body seems to be quite adept at making glutamine). also a review of medical literature on GNC's site doesn't support its use. this is not to say it can't help, but proof of effectiveness is alot weaker than creatine and weider pushes it big time while cutting down ph's which we know work.

    just my 2 cents, pete



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