Whole Maca vs. Maca Extract (4:1)

  1. Whole Maca vs. Maca Extract (4:1)

    I'm getting ready to order some Maca and I've been doing research on it and looking around for feedback. It seems like some people prefer the 4:1 extract and some prefer whole Maca. I'm just wanting to get some feedback from those who have used both and if you have noticed any difference between the two. It looks like bulk 4:1 and Now Maca (caps) are about the same price. $10 for 150g of bulk 4:1 and $3.95 for 50g of Now Maca. (about $12 for 150g/3 bottles

  2. order organic maca (imperial gold). That 4:1 can be white, red, or black and black maca is the only effective kind.

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