new here - starting Diesel + Controlled Labs + Universal Stack - feedback/info

  1. new here - starting Diesel + Controlled Labs + Universal Stack - feedback/info

    Hola...been lurking around and thought I'd get registered and involved.

    I've been training solid for just over 3 months now..
    Thinking of changing things up a bit soon after a lot of research, now that my focus and drive has completely elevated to a new level in the gym (and my lifting). I'm looking for a good stack for one solid push before the summer hits (and before I cut a bit in may). So here it is, let me know what you think of this combo:

    Diesel Nutrition Diesel TEST 2010

    Pre W/O:

    Diesel Nutrition Ready4War V6.0
    Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

    During: Controlled Labs GlycerGrow

    Post W/O:

    Universal Torrent

    Isopure Whey for day
    Syntha-6 (for nighttime - slow digesting)


    Universal Animal Paks (multi and enzymes)
    Liver support
    Saw Palmetto

    Thanks for checking. Any feedback on these products is welcomed, good or bad....Feel free to cut me up or give other recommendations. I was going to take Anabolic Pump, but I think from what I read it's a useless product. I eat carbs with my protein and I haven't seen anything special in the results of many various users to support the hype behind that product. Was also considering Epistane but I don't think so this year. It's only my first year (3 months) of holding a solid routine with a personal trainer (pro boxer) 4 times a week, also in on my off days for cardio/abs....never really worked out before.

    Let me know what you'd add/remove or what you think of this stack in general or how long I can hold it for. I'm thinking 6-8 weeks and then switching it up a bit again.

    Likely getting my order in today too

    Also planning on keeping a good log of progress while on this.

  2. I haven't really read your whole post, but I can tell you that if you've only been lifting for three months then there are a few things you should do before you start with all these supps.

    A good rule of thumb most people went on was to look into supps like these after a full year's worth of training. You can and will make huge gains within your first year simply because of the fact that your body hasn't really gone under this kind of stress before. It will grow like a weed(if you eat right).

    Also, before you start taking all these things you should really nail down your diet. You would be surprised with changes in body composition that can happen once you start eating 6-8 meals a day with something like a 40/40/20 macro breakdown.

    IF you're going to start taking supps, start with the basics: whey protein, your choice of carbohydrate powder, multi vitamin, fish/flax oil, and then once you've hit your first "plateau" get some creatine. Whether it be monohydrate or ethyl ester or whatever. Do your research first, figure out what ingredients you are looking for and what kind of results you want from certain supps, then find a product that is worth the money. Don't just go out buying stuff that people recommend.

    I always have to keep reminding myself to think in baby steps. This results of this sport/lifestyle aren't something that are going to manifest itself overnight. You have to be in for the long haul.

    Good luck bud.

  3. Thanks for info.

    My diet is already great (4000-5000 calories in ~6-8 meals), and training has been good too (very strict regime with pro boxer here in ny) so in those regards I've been very devoted.. Only thing I lack is proper sleep.

    I saw some great strength gains in the first two months and it had sort of leveled out, but then just this past week it took off again and I am benching double than where I first started off (max 1 rep = ~260pnd now). What I am looking to do is optimize the gains along the way.

    Training is currently supporting lasting gains too, been doing drop sets and super sets, and am now getting more advanced.

    Currently taking:

    Isopure whey protein
    Syntha-6 casein

    Animal Pak
    Animal Pump

    6OXO x 6 a day
    saw palmetto

    ~ 4000 calories in 6-8 meals

    I'm 6'2 - 230 pnds, and get ~300grams of protein a day

    I can post up a cpl pics here too.

  4. Aight man, well it looks like you know what you're doing. So I will step back and let others comment on your stack choices since I haven't used most of those supps.

    Good luck...even tho it seems like you're doing well without it already!

  5. u got a good stack and cals going for anyone training for any amount of time. Its def. time to throw in a creatine product, and some Diesel Test wont hurt at 29. All I would say is start low with the stimulant products, like with ready4war u might not ever need more than 1/2 scoop.

    ur current stack is a good begining stack also, but since ur bench has shot up, its time to step it up but ur listed products are not "over board."

  6. Thanks, yeah I was taking animal pump but I'm looking for a better creatine product and I'm positive CL GreenMAG's going to be what I'm looking for.

  7. All ordered, should be here in 2 days. Wish me luck!

    Decided to lean out a bit too atm while still gaining...need to focus on getting rid of the belly but still want to make nice gains so here's my new stack:

    My CL products I will be taking:

    before Cardio in AM:

    CL Sesaglow
    CL Red Acid gen 2
    (plus 2000mg Liquid L-Carnitine + 300 mg of ALA pre-w/o)

    before lifting in evening:

    Animal Pak with pre-workout meal

    CL Purple Wraath
    Diesel ready 4 war v6 (depending how late I go)
    CL GreenMAG
    CL Glycergrow

    during workout:
    CL Glycergrow

    post workout:

    300mg ALA
    Universal Torrent

    Also taking ON Casein + ON Whey (adding steel cut oats to my whey shakes), taking fish oils + even more Vitamin C than what's included in my Animal Paks hehe.. Oh and can't forget that I will be taking 4-5 pills of Diesel Test 2010 / day

    Decided to do cardio in AM now and lifting in PM with only 1 day off per week. This new stack coupled with my current diet and training regime with my trainer (we're hittin everything harder than I've imagined I would be by this time..focus has really been improving lately) should hopefully see some nice results in the next 8 weeks.


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