Red Acid Gen 2 - Why so little feedback?

  1. Red Acid Gen 2 - Why so little feedback?

    It looks like literally no one has posted on this product, even the origonal was posted about very little. I think the formula looks great and with the addition of DCP could be a perfect cutting combo... So why has there been almost no one to mention this product? (Yes I did my searches!)

  2. There are a few at the CL forums.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    There are a few at the CL forums.

    Yep, the completed logs / reviews have their own subforum:
    Email: pt [at]

  4. it was released before we joined here so it didnt get the new product buzz like some of out other products.

    it is a great product and you can find some feedback on our forum at

  5. although I have never used RAv2 I have used RAv1...and if 2 is anything like one or better...its a great product. v1 rocked my world. It assisted me in doing my first 5 mile run without having to stop.

  6. It is a great product.
    Unfortunately as soon as people don't see caffeine on the ingredient list, they run away.
    I'm Back...


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