Cissus Dosing Help

  1. Cissus Dosing Help

    Hey guys, my dad has been complaining about bad joint and knee pains when he runs (he usually runs about 3 miles 4 times a week) so I gave him my tub of bulk cissus from nutraplanet. I understand this is not usplabs cissus, but does it still work pretty effectively? He has only been taking it for a day, but I have him taking 1g-2g twice daily....does this seem right? Should he be taking more/less? I have never taken the stuff, so I don't know much about it, but I see many people raving about it so I told him to give it a shot. How long does it usually take to see good results and reduce the pains?


  2. It'll work... I suggest a TBS in Green Tea or beverage of choice twice daily.

  3. he has been mixing it with soy milk so far....he says he doesnt mind the taste to much.....he will pretty much eat anything (i think he is nuts, nothing tastes bad to this man) i have been reading a couple other threads....looks like some suggest 2g and others between 3-4. i think i will have him up it to 3g per day. any objections? btw he is 46 years old and about 200lbs. still benchin 300 haha. not too shabby for an old man

  4. 3 grams is a good therapeutic dose.

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