hey guys, been cutting for 2 weeks now, I'm now on my third week. I've been losing 1.5lbs weekly so far, that's about as much as I would like to lose per week. Anyway, this week I've started the thyrotabs and Scorch. Been taking the arginine & orintine at 2g in the morning on empty stomach since I started the cut 2 weeks ago and 3 caps white blood 30min before bed each night. As far as thyrotabs goes, i'm spreading out the 3 pills a day pretty evenly. For scorch I'm taking 3 pills twice daily. Next week I plan on adding trione (6oxo) to the mix. I plan on running that for 8 weeks.

here's what it'll look like. Will these supps be alright to take together? thanks.

week 1: 3 pills
week 2: 4 pills
week 4: 6 pills
week 5: 6 pills
week 6: 4 pills
week 7: 2 pills
week 8: 5 days 1 pill