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  1. Gel Caps

    Hello all,
    For those of us who like going bulk style and capping, how critical is it to have a cap-m-quick. Is it possible to dip in the contaner or some other fashion?

  2. It is, if you know what a full cap weighs so you can dose properly.

    If you're using that many bulks, I'd say get the cap-m-quick. It's cheap compared to the hassle you'll save.

    Or just eat them raw and chase with some crystal light. Mmmmm...

  3. Okay, i will give it a shot dipping it first and see how that goes. I am using the USPLABS cissus and ohhh! bad boogie on the taste. I do like the Muira Puama bulk though

  4. I prefer gel tabs to gel caps!

  5. Got my caps today and dipped them in the cissus powder and it worked really nice. To me one cap (00) type is pretty darn close to 1/4 teaspoon or 800mg of cissus. Anyone agree or have experience with dosing the cissus? thanks a bulk, ha, ha



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