AP + DCP... lengthen the charade?

  1. AP + DCP... lengthen the charade?

    Wondering if there is any things I should know about if I were to order up another round of AP and DCP.

    Been running the two for around 3-4 weeks now, and definitly want to keep it goin! Dosing AP at 3 caps a day, and DCP at 6 caps per day.

    Would it be alright to double time!? 8 week cycle!? OORAH!

  2. What kind of results have you seen so far?

  3. I took DCP for 2 months (Jan,Feb), in march I added AP and another serving DCP (8 caps/day). Gained 11 pounds total, 7 pounds from last 2 weeks. It can't be all fat, I didn't eat so dirty. I think majority is water weight. I also started taking creatine in the middle of february. In first 2 months my waist wasn't changed, but last 2 weeks I noticed significant increase.
    Should I take a break from DCP?

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