pharmaceutical grade fat blocker Orlistat. what do you think?

  1. pharmaceutical grade fat blocker Orlistat. what do you think?

    We all know that in the wonderful world of dietary supplements, there are many ingredients and products which boast the end-all claim fat blocking. Most of these products are quite similar, they contain fiber-derived products which claim to either bind to the fat or contain lipophilic properties which allow fat to be dissolved and then excreted. The problem is that some of these products have been shown in trials not to be as effective as we would have hoped, and many companies use illegitimate extracts or sources to produce products which have very few beneficial effects to begin with.

    Orlistat – Our New OTC Friend for Weight Loss | Mind and Muscle

  2. There are a few not so fun side effects to that drug to say the least....

  3. Hits the shelves next month:


    Anyone have any feedback on the prescription version?

    Anyone going to give it a try(side effects aside)??

  4. Not going to try it, but the product works for fat malabsorption and all the associated sides that would come from lipase inhibition. Gas, foamy stool(steatohrea), loose bowel movements(and I do mean loose.... to the point where it's not controllable) that sort of thing. If you can handle that, then the product could work for you. Only difference between the prescr and the OTC I believe is that the prescription version is 120mg whereas the OTC is 60mg.
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  5. Bad stuff, it will stop you from absorbing fat souluable vitamins. Not to mention EFAs.



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