1. Agmatine

    Has anyone tried it or have there been any testers?

  2. A bit of cross posting, but here:

    Q&A Part I

    Prepared by dinoiii


    Question #1

    Q: Am I right in saying that Agmatine, amongst many other things, inhibits monoamine oxidase? If I am right, then which one does it inhibit, alpha or beta? And how potent of a MAO inhibitor is it?

    A: There is, in effect, a LOW affinity for the MAO, and this is A > B as depicted in the slide show above. This idea contributes, in part to its suggested antidepressant/anxiolytic activities, which could help with cortisol control in the long run for the bodybuilder. Because it has been shown to suggest only a low affinity, it is thought that the other contributing mechanisms (as suggested in the slide show) also play part on the effect seen.


    Question #2

    Q: Do I need to take 1 serving daily or can I take it only on workout days?

    A: While this is more a question for the second part of the slide show series, some of you will be embarking on taking this before it is released as Blue Print is in stock. That said, I will respond that the supplement should be taken daily on both workout and non-workout days for now.


    Question #3

    Q: What do they mean when they say that one of its effects is activation of constitutive nitric oxide synthase? And in light of all this, how does this bode for those taking Blueprint and Body Octane? Would the Blueprint nullify some of the NO effects of Body Octane?

    A: As I have hopefully depicted in the slide show, NOT all NOS production is created equal. The essential fate of three types of which have predominantly been discussed in Agmatine research. Constitutive NOS (cNOS) is essentially that which is genetically programmed. Barring everything else left static, there will still be a baseline production rate based on this mechanism.

    Although another question moreso better suited for the second half of the slide show, but again due to people likely starting to take the stack – I find an answer to be imperative. Due to essential regulatory control of the various polyamines and enzymatic breakdown pathways, the two could and should actually play synergistic roles.

    Body Octane is NOT an arginine product, but it does have citrulline malate in it, I encourage you to look at both of my pictorial slides on endogenous production in this first slide show and see how you are essentially bypassing NO production and with it, likely exerting some antioxidant protection, but at the same time…you will still experience some of the perceptual “pumps” and they should be longer-lasting, without precipitous impact from the short-half life of something like NO.

    When the regulatory controls kick back in, NO will be back in place through endogenous metabolism and you will see additional pumps extended out for prolonged periods.


    Question #4

    Q: With the limited number of bottles available for this first run, would it be wise for me to wait for the board member discount?

    A: As you have likely received email notification by now, there is a limited time offer (1 week) for MAN-UP discussion board members to receive up to 3 bottles of Blue Print for $30 each (a $19.95 savings over the MSRP per bottle of $49.95).


    Question #5

    Q: Has J-Rod or anyone else used the product yet, and if so, what results were seen? Should I mix up a serving of BO and then use it to wash down the Blueprint before I eat breakfast? Also, how long should one wait between taking BO or Blueprint and eating?

    A: Raid-fire response to the questions you offered above:

    (1) Anyone used it: Yes
    (2) Response: Subjectively favorable
    (3) Take Blue Print in the AM on an empty stomach (we will define this as first thing in the AM, have it sitting by the side of the bed with water. Allow for appropriate absorption and transit which may be about 20 or 30 minutes…get showered of come to the MAN-UP discussion board to check on the latest while you are waiting to eat).

    More Q&A’s will follow.

    Dana Houser
    MAN Sports, Inc. Consultant
    MAN-UP Magazine Author
    MAN Sports MAN-UP Discussion Board :: View topic - MAN BLUE PRINT Research & Slide Show Part I

  3. I was wondering about this myself.

  4. .....

  5. Kinda has some of the same potential effects as Gerovitol/GH3..but with a pump.

  6. anyone used this with favorable results?

  7. i never got anything out of this and never purchased it again after one bottle.

  8. Agmatine is interesting with regards to its high affinity towards blocking the NMDA receptor.

    This would be beneficial in situations of traumatic brain injury, or age related dementias where excitotoxicity or leaky channels are a problem, but for the vast majority of users, would definitely be counterproductive to cognition. The NMDA receptor is important for memory development, memory strength, and synaptogenesis, and therefore blocking this receptor would hinder any of these events.

  9. I took two bottles. I'll pass.


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