* * * A HUGE thank you to Jacob from UPS Labs * * *

  1. * * * A HUGE thank you to Jacob from UPS Labs * * *

    I wanted to make a public thank you to Jacob, the owner of USP Labs.

    He is an amazing person. We speak by phone every few weeks and he is constantly giving me ideas for various products asking NOTHING in return.

    The latest idea is to have liquid flavoring for my protein products. This has become a reality and I want it known that it was Jacob who came up with this idea.

    He is a true friend and I wish you all could know how giving and kind he is.

    Thank you JACOB


  2. Jacob said he'd never take any of my ideas for his own :'(

    heh heh :P Y'know there is one thing I would like to see you guys at AI do and that is flavorless whey and casein.

  3. I think there needs to be Board Rep Outreach Program between the two companies. They get all the cookies they want and we get the AP!

  4. Jacob is a really generous guy, I can vouch for that.

  5. Great guy for sure
    I am just a consumer and don't even have such a budget for supplements yet he personally helped me use the discount code when I was getting some Anabolic Pump -excellent product by the way

  6. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor View Post
    Jacob is a really generous guy, I can vouch for that.
    Mr . Chairmen i second the motion.


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