Could someone help me understand the differences in each, and how they apply to us (the goal of taking it, when to take, what to take, how much).

I guess my noob understanding goes like this:
protein shake (ON gold) has enough BCAA and EAAs
Then EAA seems to contain the BCAAs

It seems like the goal for those taking BCAAs is cutting phase. A no calorie source of amino acids that will help prevent catabolism. But wouldn't EAAs achieve this same goal?

People seem to take EAAs because they are very fast absorbing. I'm curious how this compares to a good shake like ON.

So it looks like there may be a time and place for all three, but I just don't understand the differences. Why wouldn't I take just my protein shake in all scenarios (pre workout, post workout, during the day for anti catabolism, before an early morning run, etc?), or why would i choose EAAs or BCAAs in those scenarios instead?