San attitude

  1. San attitude

    Anyone try San attitude suppose to be the best AI on the market was going to run it month or 2 as a stand alone..

  2. Looks like it's getting pretty good reviews over at 1F400. Seems like it's a metabolite of trion that is suppose to be a little bit more effective with a little nettle thrown in for SHBG. I'd say give it a shot, but if your wanting it strictly for the increased aggression and "attitude" it's suppose to give, I'd say check out MassFX as that's a dam good aggression amplifier.
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  3. I was going to use it to increase test. just like maybe rebound or Novadex XT . PA whom I think is extremely inteligent claims your best natural test modifyier is an AI.:clean:

  4. Well in that regards I'd say it looks pretty good. Maybe you can log it if you decide to go with it.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

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