Dont know what to take after Injury

  1. Dont know what to take after Injury

    Ok this started about a month ago. Whenever i do Bench pressing or Dips or anything really invovling my chest the top of my chest near my shoulder hurts really bad. It almost feels like it travels through my arm. Someone told me its my deltoid but im not sure. I was taking Bromalien and Trauine and now asprin. I dont know what really hurts and i dont know what to do. I have stopped doin all chest exercises and dont know whats next to do. Some people tell me to still do it but do it light. And others say dont do anything just rest it. It only hurts when i do a chest workout. It almost feels like the tendon or muscle that connects ur arm to ur chest. I always stretch and warmup alot. Please help.

  2. I would see my doc. Taking Aspirin all the time is really bad for ya. Cissus would probably give ya a good hand in the healing process. Best thing is to take the time to heal. You dont jump the rope with a broken foot, don't turn the knife in the bruise.

    Good luck.

  3. bump for anyone elses help!

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