Heads up to those who use protein bars.

  1. Heads up to those who use protein bars.


    dunno if this has been posted already, but those are damn cheap!

  2. but how do they taste..?

  3. does it matter when it's dirt cheap? :-)

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  4. Yes taste matters...as does the nutritional profile on them which is less than desireable. The only good thing I see about them is the protein blend they use (not just isolate whey).


  5. It also means something to me.. I've bought a fe different brands that taste like you were chewing sawdust.. I'll pay extra if just for the better taste..

  6. ya, the nutrional breakdown doesnt look too good. Advantagesupplements has real protein bars for 9.99 (12/box), exp. late june. I got some a month back and killed two boxes already. that, and designer has a better protein profile that what ansi comes out with. the designer can be had at vitaglo for a buck a bar. Or one could always go the cheapest route.....HOMEMADE!! Sage


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